Kayak in Gozo

1 Day

From April until October, everyday except Sundays


This exciting tour is part kayaking and part exploring on land, swimming in the sea, or just relaxing at the beautiful bays of Gozo or Comino! It’s the ideal choice for those of you who want to spend a wonderful time out with the perfect balance between kayaking, exploring and relaxing.

  • Morning half-day “Rise&Shine” trip (starting at 9:45am) – This one lasts about 3 hours and is about 2.5 hours of kayaking. During the break you are welcome to snorkel, swim or just relax!
  • The “Day Chillin” full day tour (starting at 10:30am) – This is 6 hours with 3-3.5 hours of kayaking. The rest of the time is spent exploring, swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing at the bays we stop at.

Five possible routes (weather dependent):

  •      Hondoq bay to Comino (west coast)

o   This tour will start on Gozo and explore some caves and features to the west of Hondoq Bay and then cross over to Comino to explore the Blue Lagoon and the Crystal Lagoon. Depending on group speed, we may poke our noses around the southern side of Comino for lunch in an old abandoned harbour.

  •      Hondoq bay to Comino (east coast)

o   Departing from Hondoq Bay explore to the east and visit Qala rock and surrounds before crossing to Comino to visit the Santa Maria Caves, Elephant Rock and the amazing cliffs all along the south and east coast of Comino! The break also includes a walk to explore a cave network.

  •      Inland Sea to Xlendi and back

o   We start from the Inland Sea and immediately exit an 80m long natural tunnel to get out to the open sea. There are countless caves to explore in the cliffs on the way to Xlendi where we will take a break. We then paddle to Dwejra Bay and explore the Fungus Rock area where we will stop for lunch.

  •      North Coast Tour

o   We launch from the small seaside town of Qbajjar and head east to explore hidden bays and beaches scattered along the north coast. Stopping at Ghajn Bhartani, San Blas and other secret areas. We may continue all the way to Hondoq or return to Qbajjar depending on weather.

  •      South Coast Tour

o   Starting from Hondoq we go east past the iconic Mgarr Harbour and on to Mgarr Ix Xini. This is one of the prettiest bays in the country to enter into! We explore some of the cliffs beyond and then return checking out some bays only know to locals!



  • Guide
  • Use of kayak/safety gear
  • Goggles
  • Sunglass strap
  • Dry bag
  • Transport
  • Speed boat Ferry visiting the Blue Lagoon and Comino caves on the way back
Overall Trip Rating:
- Based on 1 travel review
Very Good
  1. Super happy with our holiday
    By Kristin Wilcox October 29, 2021
    My family had a great time on our short trip to Malta. The local guide, Christine, was excellent. The restaurants were very good, and the hotel was in a great location.
    Date of Experience: October, 2021

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Kayak in Gozo
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