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Outdoor LaserTag is a hybrid of paintball and indoor laser tag. We’ve taken the technology of laser tag to a whole new level and added the adrenaline rush & mission-specific game-play of paintball.

Our wireless LaserTag equipment is state of the art and can hit a target up to 350 meters away. Players are placed on special teams and have specific functions, duties, roles and titles. On the first mission, you might be in command of a team escorting a high ranking official and the next mission you might be a sniper hiding in the woods. Regardless of your role, the game of outdoor laser tag will exceed your expectations.

We can organise LaserTag games practically anywhere! The area needs to be big enough to be fun to play in, safe, and offer plenty of covers, so it is best played outdoors in the woods. Most popular venues include Mizieb, and Dwejra – Gozo.

So quit reading and get out there to PLAY!!!


  • -2/3 hours of outdoor lasertag
  • -Transport

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Outdoor Laser Tag
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